My name is Adrian G. Matei, and I am ready and excited to be your new Digital Product Designer. My proficiency in visual design and software, my extensive academic and professional experiences, as well as my ambitious, energetic, and driven personality make me the ideal candidate for this position.

There is no need to take my word for it, either. I put together this page instead of a cover letter, to offer you a digital experience that is highly conducive to my skill set and abilities. It is a snippet of my creative portfolio, which I hope you will enjoy exploring it as much as I enjoyed creating! 

My skills are diverse, and a mix of self-taught and academically-taught proficiencies. My course, Information Management for Business at University College London, trained me in web development, programming, software engineering and iterations, interaction design practices, and the agile philosophy. Individually, I have been studying graphic design, fashion design, app design, mock-up design - everything design - for the past decade. However, my academic and professional journeys gave me more than just skill. They gave me a user-centric mentality that empowers me to design and create experiences with a human purpose. 

Digital Graphics & 3D

I am proficient in Figma and have over a decade of experience with the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, XD). I also worked with and Fliplet for prototyping, and I am great at hand drawing UI/UX journeys. Consequently, I can easily turn sketches into high-fidelity prototypes using any software. The websites I designed best demonstrate my skills, and I urge you to take my own website as a visual reference of my vision and taste, and my customers’ websites as a reference to my technical abilities and my intuitive adaptability to customer requirements.


In terms of 3D design and AR, I have experience with Blender, and I understand complex concepts within the field due to my many years of freelance content development in Second Life (a digital 3D platform). My digital editorials are 3D renderings from within the game that I enhanced and developed using Photoshop and Illustrator. They are manifestations of my photographic visions. I’ve included a few examples in this section for reference, but my Digital Editorial Gallery displays all of them.

graphic Vision

Visual design - digital or not - has been my passion since I was a child (my parents had to re-paint the whole house twice because of my wall drawing). I manifest visually and have a visual memory. When it comes to research & sketching, my best friends are my sketchbook and my iPad, on which I draw almost all the time. I included as examples two fashion mood boards and their afferent collections that I sketched digitally. I can provide many more examples should it be necessary, and I am also happy to build a graphic material of your choice (of reasonable complexity) in 24 hours or less.



*click on images to open full-screen mode


CAD representations of sketches come intuitively to me, whether it is for clothing, apps, or websites, and I always enjoy giving a digital, more realistic dimension to sketched ideas. I elaborated this sketch-to-CAD journey exclusively for this application. I took two of my favourite Burberry trench coats, sketched them in Procreate, then using Illustrator rendered them into flats. 


Before I conclude, I'd like to mention one more skill - the one that sets me apart from other candidates: communication. I speak four languages, including Arabic, I hosted radio shows, and I am often invited to present and host various events. Beyond everything, I value authentic and effective communication. I am naturally extroverted, talkative, and friendly, which enables me to bring two extra assets to Burberry: intuitive networking and passionate storytelling. I take pride in being able to start a conversation with anyone.


At core, I am a very creative, business-oriented, hi-tech visual developer, and I have been in love with Burberry’s brand identity since the 2012 A/W Prorsum show in Hyde Park. I identify profoundly with Burberry's values of protection, exploration, and inspiration, and I would love to manifest my skills and creative visions in an environment as stimulating as yours. I am beyond confident that I can excel in this role and that I possess everything I need to exceed your expectations. I hope that I piqued your interest with this page/letter, and I look forward with utmost excitement to hearing back from you.

Sincerely Yours,