Fashion Design


My old laptop used to glitch in the most beautiful shade of yellow I've ever seen. I recently remembered it and thought to create a collection inspired by digital glitches. I find juxtaposition and patchwork disturbingly seductive, because it sends the message "I'm beautiful, even in pieces." 

ChinesePaintings 3.JPG

In drawing these three pieces, I was inspired by ancient Chinese paintings, as well as by Chinese drapery and garment construction techniques. 

UrbanHarajuku 2.JPG

I remain constantly fascinated by Japan's vibrant fashion scene, in particular the trendsetting scenes of Harajuku and urban Tokyo. I wanted to draw inspiration from Harajuku and add a personal twist: latex.


Minimalism must be my absolute favourite art current. Creating a lot with very little is not only intellectually stimulating, but also visually pleasing. For me, minimalism is easily described as 'plainness, disturbed.' A large visual field with an aesthetic disturbance.

BeigeGowns 2.JPG

I confess - I am not the biggest fan of gowns. I find them too simple, too easy. So I wanted to challenge myself to a collection of gowns that do not try too hard. I drew inspiration from other fashion garments like corsets, blazers, and even episcopal robes. 


I have Grace Coddington's grunge editorial hanging on my wall, and I am just smitten with punk culture. While I am not myself an authentic adept, I find the current to have been profoundly inspirational on the overall fashion scene. Hence, I wanted to create a punk visual for my own creative freedom.

Individual Sketches