Kelly Gale Amen is the most challenging project I have been working on to date. It is not only a website, but a comprehensive catalogue and database of projects, archived PDF's, and above all products in an e-store. 

The site has been re-designed in 2021. The second gallery displays the old design.

Screenshot 2022-02-15 at 13.42.15.png


Cancer Below The Belt

I took over CBTB when I took over, because they are owned by the same person. However, this particular website was incredibly enjoyable to create - joy is to be felt on every page. It is a catalogue for a charity that helps cancer patients without insurance in the United States. I took a dormant website and turned it into a point of reference for testing and screening information, press updates, events, and a platform for online raffles and fundraising events. Viewership is constantly increasing.


UCL Investment Society

UCLIS is the third site I took over as Software Developer, and I re-did the user interface completely. The previous site was not intuitive and students struggled to find the information they needed. Before designing, I took time to normalize the website's database and information requirements in the most digestible manner possible.

The website now looks differently, as it is in the hands of a new web developer.


MCMS Construction

MCMS wanted two things: a theme centred around blue, and a modern, clean look. It is consequently one of the airiest websites I've built to date.

The website has been re-done in 2021 following a server-side error. The second gallery shows the current design.